Quote1 Enough of this nonsense, Sergeant Kent. If I am elected .. you can apply for unemployment insurance! Quote2
-- Higgins (Earth-S) src

District Attorney Candidate Higgins adopted the guise of "the Voice", in order to conceal his activities as a criminal mastermind. Notorious public enemy Bull Morello, and his Murder Syndicate, worked for the Voice.

One day Bull got a lucky break, and learned the secret identity of Bulletman, and told it to the Voice. At the Voice's direction, Bull kidnapped Jim Barr, but he neglected to reckon with Bulletgirl, or even to steal Barr's Gravity Regulator Helmet when he had the chance to do so. These oversights soon caught up with Morello, and soon afterward Bulletman and Bulletgirl demolished him and all of his henchmen. At that time, "the Voice" was cornered and identified and arrested, as well.

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