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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, Marv Wolfman/Writer
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George Pérez/Penciler, Karl Kesel/Inker, Tom Ziuko/Colourist, Mike Gold/Editor, Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)/Quotes, Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)/Appearances, Hadley Jagger (New Earth)/Appearances, Tiger (New Earth)/Appearances, Klarn Arg (New Earth)/Appearances, Miya Shimada (New Earth)/Appearances, Neptune Perkins (New Earth)/Appearances, James Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Newsboy Legion (New Earth)/Appearances, Anthony Rodriguez (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Gabrielli (New Earth)/Appearances, Patrick MacGuire (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Thompkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeb Stuart (New Earth)/Appearances, James Ewell Brown Stuart (New Earth)/Appearances, Valoric (New Earth)/Appearances, J.A.K.E. I (New Earth)/Appearances, Creature Commandos (New Earth)/Appearances, Myrra Rhodes (New Earth)/Appearances, Elliot Taylor (New Earth)/Appearances, Vincent Velcoro (New Earth)/Appearances, Warren Griffith (New Earth)/Appearances, Unknown Soldier (New Earth)/Appearances, Ulysses Hazard (New Earth)/Appearances, Anais Guillot (New Earth)/Appearances, Office of Strategic Services/Appearances, Control (New Earth)/Appearances, Rip Carter (New Earth)/Appearances, Boy Commandos/Appearances, Alfred Twidgett (New Earth)/Appearances, Andre Chavard (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Turpin (New Earth)/Appearances, Jan Haasan (New Earth)/Appearances, Percival Clearweather (New Earth)/Appearances, Tex (New Earth)/Appearances, Kana (Earth-One)/Appearances, Losers (New Earth)/Appearances, William Storm (New Earth)/Appearances, Gunner MacKay (New Earth)/Appearances, Flying Cloud (New Earth)/Appearances, Sarge Clay (New Earth)/Appearances, Seven Soldiers of Victory I (New Earth)/Appearances, Lee Travis 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Nansen (New Earth)/Appearances, M'Bulaze (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Cormac (New Earth)/Appearances, Ulla Paske (New Earth)/Appearances, Aristides Demetrios (New Earth)/Appearances, Wenonah Littlebird (New Earth)/Appearances, Isuma Yasunari (New Earth)/Appearances, Chaim Lavon (New Earth)/Appearances, Hugh Dawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Liang Xih-K'ai (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeremy Wakefield (New Earth)/Appearances, Albrecht von Mannheim (New Earth)/Appearances, Leonid Kovar (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Cassidy (New Earth)/Appearances, Harold Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, Kara Zor-L (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Adrian Chase (New Earth)/Appearances, Susan Linden (New Earth)/Appearances, Red Tornado (New Earth)/Appearances, Anti-Monitor (Antimatter Universe)/Appearances, Lori Lemaris (Earth-One)/Appearances, Tomar-Re (New Earth)/Appearances, Donald Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Gavyn (New Earth)/Appearances, Green Lantern Corps of Earth/Appearances, Arisia Rrab (New Earth)/Appearances, Ch'p (New Earth)/Appearances, John Stewart (New Earth)/Appearances, Katma Tui (New Earth)/Appearances, Kilowog (New Earth)/Appearances, Salakk (New Earth)/Appearances, Tashana (Earth-Six)/Appearances, Kell Mossa (Pre-Crisis)/Appearances, Yolanda Montez (New Earth)/Appearances, Kimiyo Hoshi (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Jon Carter (New Earth)/Appearances, Omega Men (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, John Thunder (New Earth)/Appearances, Yz (New Earth)/Appearances, Sanderson Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Kent Nelson (New Earth)/Appearances, Theodore Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Ted Grant (New Earth)/Appearances, Wesley Dodds (New Earth)/Appearances, James Corrigan (New Earth)/Appearances, Infinity, Inc. 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History of the DC Universe Vol 1 2


History of the DC Universe Vol 1 2

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""The History of the DC Universe"": Harbinger concludes her narration of the History of the Universe, this portion relating events from the end of World War II through the End of Time.

Quote1 ...I have learned the truth: the stuff of heroes is within us all - the willingness to go beyond the routine and lend help to those who need it. Quote2
-- Harbinger

Appearing in "The History of the DC Universe"

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Synopsis for "The History of the DC Universe"

Harbinger concludes her narration of the History of the Universe, this portion relating events from the end of World War II through the End of Time.


  • The Pre-Crisis Earth-One Hawkman and Hawkwoman are shown first appearing in the time period corresponding to the Post-Crisis universe's "New Heroic Age." However, as established some years later by the Hawkworld miniseries and the subsequent ongoing series of the same name, Katar Hol and Shayera Thal only arrived on Earth and became Hawkman and Hawkwoman in the restructured Post-Crisis timeline after the Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Alien Alliance's Invasion both concluded. Therefore, all in-canon appearances of the Pre-Crisis Katar and Shayera Hol have been ascribed, Post-Crisis, to Carter and Shiera Hall, the Hawkman and Hawkgirl of the Golden Age. Appearances by the Pre-Crisis Katar and Shayera made in the interregnum between the Crisis on Infinite Earths and the events of the Hawkworld miniseries, meanwhile, were assigned to the Post-Crisis version of Fel Andar, an Thanagarian infiltrator who was an enemy of Katar Hol in the Pre-Crisis Earth-One continuity, and Sharon Parker. Discrepancies, such as the Silver Age Hawkman's assistance in helping Animal Man disable a Thanagarian bomb during Invasion, when a Thanagarian infiltrator would have found it in his best interests not to do so, remain unresolved.
  • The history recorded in the Universe Orb is later utilized by the Manhunters in their attempt to destroy Earth's superheroes and the Chosen in the Millennium miniseries.
  • The issue gives a preview of Shazam: The New Beginning (which specifically states San Francisco as his home). However, while this issue suggests that it takes place during the Silver/Bronze Age, the actual mini-series is a complete reboot.


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