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Quote1 "My name's Tommy Monaghan and I kill people for money. It's a living." Quote2
-- Hitman

Appearing in "A Rage in Arkham, Part One"

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Synopsis for "A Rage in Arkham, Part One"

The story begins with Tommy Monaghan fighting off thugs hired by the Dubelz Crime Family. After he finishes them off, he is attacked by Shadow-Force (clearly a parody of 1990s-style black ops superhero teams), whom he also kills. Later, Tommy meets up with his hitmen buddies at Noonan's Bar for a game of poker.

In Hell, the Arkannone plot Tommy's capture and subjugation. Their plan is to make him one of their agents on Earth, and they send the Mawzir after him.

Back in Gotham City, Tommy meets Wendy on a street corner, and he uses his telepathy to guess her name and favorite food in order to set up a date. Later, he's hired by Gerry McWilliams to kill the Joker in retaliation for the death of a classroom of kindergarten children. When Gerry leaves the bar where he's met Tommy to discuss the hit, he is attacked by Batman, who wants information on Tommy's whereabouts. Batman catches up with Tommy after his date with Wendy. The two battle, until police enter the scene and Batman escapes.


The Dubelz Family's pursuit of Tommy Monaghan stems from actions that took place in Demon Annual Vol 3 2


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