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Hob's Bay is one of the main neighborhoods of Metropolis as well as the name of the bay itself. Located across the West Metropolis River from the central New Troy district, it connects to the mainland by way of the Hobsneck Bridge.

Hob's Bay was where Myra Allen lived with her orphan charges, including Keith Robert White. During the "Fall of Metropolis", Hob's Bay was just as adversely affected by Lex Luthor's sonic missile attack as every other part of the city. Shortly thereafter, a cybernetic robot terrorized the area, killing Myra Allen. [1].

This was also the sight of a quonset tent designed to study those suffering from sleep disorders. Postal worker Fred Bentson went here after experiencing harrowing dreams of the Dakotaverse.[citation needed]

Points of Interest

Hobsneck Bridge
The Hobsneck Bridge spans the distance between the central island of Metropolis and Hob's Bay. During the "Reign of the Supermen!", the Hobsneck Bridge was partially destroyed in a battle between Superboy and Stinger. [1]


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