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Quote1 You're pretty tough. But I'm a war machine. I'm unstoppable. I can tear through a tank, a battleship, an entire army. I'm built for this. Quote2
-- Hawk src

Holly Granger was the estranged and aggressive sister of Dawn Granger. After discovering her sister was still alive, Holly gained the powers of Chaos and became the new Hawk.

Holly and Dawn then joined the Teen Titans as reserve members. They assisted in the defeat of a new Kestrel in order to save Raven's soul from him.

After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. After the elder Titans turned down membership, Cyborg gathered a Titans East composed of Hawk & Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan.

Holly was killed and became a Black Lantern during Blackest Night. Together with a Black Lantern-influenced Hank Hall,"Hawk and Hawk" attacked and then pursued Dawn. While attempting another attack on her, Holly was put down for good by Dove.[1]


  • Danger Sense Transformation: When in the presence of danger, whether to herself or others, Holly Granger can call out the word "Hawk" and be transformed into her Hawk form. She does not need to be aware of the danger for the transformation to take place, so if she happened to say the word while unknowingly being in danger, the transformation would take place. The transformation only reacts to actual danger, so if Hawk incorrectly believed that she was in danger she would be unable to transform into Hawk. The transformation wears off a short time after the danger has passed, unless Hawk has received serious injuries which would kill Holly, in which case she would remain as Hawk until the danger from the injuries has passed. On high magic worlds she can remain as Hawk for extended periods regardless of whether there is any danger present.[2]
  • Hyper Vigilant: As Hawk her natural aptitudes are enhanced, such as her ability as a good judge of people and situations allowing her to read people and objects in a situation, within seconds, and know how they will act and react.
  • Superhuman Strength: Hawk can tear through armor, doors and most kinds of steel or barriers. She's been seen lifting stone statues and other heavy objects hurling them with ease.[2]
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Durability


  • While Holly has always had an aggressive personality, this was enhanced by her transformation into Hawk and as such, while Dove can dodge nimbly at peace, Hawk can strike harder in war.



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