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Honeybee was one of the many heroes in the Second World War to fought for the Allies, but she herself also serves as a popular part of a "campaign to boost the morale of troops overseas." Honeybee and the other heroes were captured and interred in the Number of the Beast Program, where she teamed up with the Paladins.

After being imprisoned for more than 60 years, Honeybee and the Paladins were broken free by The High from the NOTB, and continued to save whatever left of Post-Armageddon Earth. Honeybee and the Paladins were among the other heroes that were summoned to UnLondon and battled the Knights of Khera.


  • Flight: Due to her insect wings, Honeybee can fly under her own power.


  • Honeybee uses a Speak-E-Zee, the wrist communications device used by the Paladins.
  • Honeybee's costume incorporates elements of the fashion of the 1950s, so she may be a later addition to the NOTB program.



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