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King of Atlantis centuries ago. Attempted to conquer the surface world during his reign. Father of Kraken, Atlan, and Haumond. Grandfather of Aquaman. After seeing Atlan's proof of human life on the surface[1], the great Honsu decided to attack before the surface-dwellers grow strong enough to pose a threat. And attack he did. And slaughter. And destroy. Until he reached Egypt, where the threat was the sun, and the lack of water was the downfall. His son Haumond was left behind in the retreat and Honsu believed him to be dead. Due to the "death" of his son, Honsu decided to avoid dry Egypt and tackle Greece.[2]

Honsu's soldiers were tired, they had fought too long and too hard. So Honsu told the Greeks that if they can defeat his greatest warrior, his son Kraken, in battle, he will go back to the water and never bother them again. A brave Greek warrior stepped into the fight and killed Kraken after a long battle. Then, Honsu realised that the greek warrior was Haumond. Eventually, he left Greece and returned to the oceans with the atlanteans.[3]


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation: Honsu was born with the ability to endure the pressures of the deep.
  • Amphibious: Honsu was born with the ability to breathe underwater and survive the increased pressure of the ocean depths.


Atlantean royal armor


Atlantean pistols, sword



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