Hooded Justice was the first masked vigilante. His true identity was unknown to his fellow Minutemen, but Hollis Mason suspected it to be circus artist Rolf Müller.


Hooded Justice was homosexual and in love with Captain Metropolis. But to hide it, he feigned love for Silk Spectre and even saved her from the Comedian's attacks.

Hooded Justice was a brutal vigilante who would beat criminals to a bloody pulp, this was suggested by the Comedian to be a part of his sexual fetishes. His controversial talent for brutal treatment made him infamous in local newspapers.


In 1955, he mysteriously disappeared. Mason reasoned that when the "House of Un-American Activities Committee" began to demand the unmasking of all costumed adventurers Hooded Justice did not wish to and resigned from this duty. Mason noted the similarities of Hooded Justice's history with that of a circus entertainer "Rolf Müller", suspecting that they were in fact the same person.


  • He is the first masked vigilante in his universe.

In the film adaptation, Hooded Justice was portrayed by Glenn Ennis.