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Hoppy was a coworker of Diana Prince at Taco Whiz, and a good friend.

Named after Hopalong Cassidy, Hoppy married Jerry "Jumpy" Greene, but he ran out on her when their daughter Rachel was four. Now struggling to make ends meet, Hoppy worked full time in whatever job she could find. The best one was in a factory, but when she was laid off, the only thing she could find was Taco Whiz. There, she met Diana Prince, whose cashflow was cut off and needed a job. The Amazon surprised Hoppy with her dedication, and the two became quick friends.

Hoppy thought her life was over when her daughter was accepted into the Philmost Academy on a scholarship, as she had no money to pay for everything that came with college life. Diana and her new neighbor Donna Milton decided to find Jerry and make him pay his alimony.

They found him working as a bodyguard for Ricco DiBlagia, one of Tony Sazia's bosses. Diana demanded payment, which Sazia agreed to just to get her out of his mansion, as she was scaring off business contacts. He paid the dues and then some, and said that Jerry Greene would find a way to repay him, some way.



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