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The Horigal was a monster who came upon the people of Limbo Town whenever economic prosperity brought out a questioning spirit in society. It was seen attacking a group of working men and slaughtering them as they were coming back to town with goods. This led to the town closing its borders and casting out its freethinkers (such as the witch-boy, Klarion Bleak) and hewing closer to the teachings of the three submissionaries, Judah, Shadrach, and Abednego, whose weapon, the submissionary staff, was reportedly the only thing that could hold the creature back.

When Melmoth the Dark Wanderer came for Limbo Town with a cadre of mercenaries, they slew the Horigal, revealing the truth: the Horigal was the three submissionaries, combined into one monster by the power of the staff, with the express goal of keeping the witch-folk in Limbo Town. Soon after discovering this, Klarion Bleak took the staff and briefly turned himself into something like the Horigal to fight off the mercenaries.



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