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Hourman Vol 1 1

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"Through the Hourglass": Hourman appears at the JLA Watchtower in a state of agitation. He wants to ask the League's advice, but his time-vision has already accounted for how they will react, and he feels embarrassed because he already

Quote1 In 241.03 seconds, I'm to utter a remark that unmasks my naiveté, loneliness and underlying anxiety. Quote2
-- Hourman

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Synopsis for "Through the Hourglass"

Hourman appears at the JLA Watchtower in a state of agitation. He wants to ask the League's advice, but his time-vision has already accounted for how they will react, and he feels embarrassed because he already knows the outcome. After a few awkward moments, it becomes apparent that Hourman needs some help in the area of social skills. The JLA decide to bring him to whom they believe is the team's foremost authority on the subject -- Batman.

They find Batman in the midst of a conflict with the Mad Hatter. They help him out, but Batman is irritated by their interference, citing that he had the situation well in hand, and that it is difficult to maintain a fearful countenance if his teammates feel the need to rescue him at any given turn. Batman tells Hourman that he needs to get his act together, and advises him to seek out the Justice League's old mascot, Snapper Carr.

Hourman goes to Snapper Carr's house in Happy Harbor and introduces himself. Snapper tells him about his time with the League and shows him one of the items he purloined from the League's trophy room - the original endocrinostat that powered the killer android Amazo. Already, Hourman feels a compulsion to communicate with another android, so he uses his time-vision to summon Amazo from another timeline. Amazo immediately attacks and interfaces with Hourman's robotics, stealing half of his power. Amazo uses his newfound power to upgrade his body into a new form which Snapper called "Timazo". Amazo and Hourman fight one another, and a stray blast of Hourman's time-vision exits the house and strikes a pedestrian named Bethany Lee. The time-blast reverts her in age to that of a toddler. Hourman succeeds in defeating Amazo by determining the point in the future timeline that this particular Amazo originated and stopping him at the source.

Hourman realizes that he made a critical error and judgment, and a being such as he should never wield so much power. He removes the Worlogog from his head and discharges the majority of his power. He sends it into the timestream to an indeterminate number of variant moments. Though he is now only capable of wielding a fraction of the power he once held, Hourman still has enough to use his time-vision, enhance his physical attributes and empower his timeship.



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