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House of Secrets

Official Name
The House of Secrets
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Four stories

(Commonly) One, plus various indeterminate personages; (Currently) five

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The House of Secrets is an old dilapidated mansion located on the site of a cemetery in rural Vermont. It is across the road from a similar edifice commonly referred to as the House of Mystery. The House of Secrets is the home of Abel, the Biblical "First Victim" and master storyteller. It is not known how long Abel has occupied the building, but considering that he is immortal, it is fair to assume that Abel has resided in the house for many years. The architecture is indeterminate and actually changes periodically. The same holds true for the inside of the house: the rooms constantly shift about, and one never enters the same room twice. In addition, the house cannot be perceived through technological scans or mystical surveillance. Due to the fact that so many stories were inspired and relayed within the parlors of the old home, the House of Secrets is a focal location at the crossroads into the Dreaming. The Dream King Morpheus was able to access the House of Secrets at will without manifesting inside the subconscious mind of a sleeping individual.

In later years, the House of Secrets became the base of operations for the third incarnation of the Secret Six, though this may have been a House of Secrets rather than the original; there appear at times to be more than one.



  • The House of Secrets was the eponymous setting for the House of Secrets anthology title.

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