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"Domain of the Dead": A couple receive help in destroying a vampire from the ghost of a dead priest.

Appearing in "Domain of the Dead"

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Synopsis for "Domain of the Dead"

A couple receive help in destroying a vampire from the ghost of a dead priest.

Appearing in "Safes Have Secrets Too"

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Synopsis for "Safes Have Secrets Too"

A man murders his business partner and cremates the body, hiding the ashes in a safe. When a fire breaks out in his home, he attempts to make it to safety, only for the police to find his body the following day in the safe. They are perplexed by the horrified expression on his face and fail to observe the ash hand prints upon his throat.

Appearing in "Possessed!"

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Synopsis for "Possessed!"

A man desires a witch's spell book as he thinks it can provide wealth for his family after she was executed and buried, so he digs it up but it is written in Latin and is useless to him. His wife is worried that the evil spirit may possess someone and seek revenge, and when one of the witch's judges is found murdered, the man begins to suspect that his wife has been possessed. Two more judges are killed and the townspeople form a mob and advance upon his house. The man strangles his wife as a merciful quick death as opposed to being burned alive like the witch, but the mob informs him that a witness saw the murderer in the last killing and it was a man walking as though asleep. Before they lay their hands upon him, he realizes that he was the one possessed by the witch's evil spirit.


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