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Hugh Hazzard was a detective who, in 1939, discovered a mysterious robot being used to commit thefts. He managed to locate and deactivate the robot and then, when the police prepared to destroy it, Hugh decided to steal it, and use it to fight crime. Though Hazzard initially operated the robot by remote control using a radio, it was actually hollow and after several modifications he eventually began riding inside it as though the robot were a suit of armor. Hugh Hazzard's post-WWII exploits are as yet unrevealed.


  • Bozo the Iron Man: Bozo the Iron Man was a robot, invented and originally used by Dr. Van Thorp, to commit crimes, when Hugh Hazzard solved the crimes and deactivated the robot. Figuring that he could use the robot to help in his fight against crime, he climbed inside of it and became Bozo the Iron Man.
  • Hugh Hazzard also invented, in late 1939, some specialized radio equipment for fighting crime:
  • teleradio
  • super-seper-iconoscope

Bozo the Iron Man was one of the characters acquired by DC from Quality Comics but so far its only appearances in the DC Universe have been in single issues of Starman Vol 2 and Superman, in both of which the robot was shown as deactivated and inert.



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