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Quote1 But you wanted to do something. You were filled with anger. You desired... what? A need filled you... all-consuming, all-controlling. What was it, Mr. Wayne? What was it? Quote2
-- Hugo Strange src

Hugo Strange was a scientist who discovered Batman's identity. He used to work in a resort run by Roland Daggett in which he operated a business based in blackmail. Strange developed a machine that allowed him to see people's most inner, dark and personal secrets and record them in video. He would blackmail the people in order to prevent him from spreading the video. When Bruce Wayne went to the resort, Strange used his machine on him and discovered that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Strange decided to auction that tape among three of Batman's greatest foes; Joker; Penguin and Two-Face. His plans were ruined by Batman and he was placed under police custody. His claims of Batman's identity were denied when Bruce Wayne and Batman appeared in the same place at the same time.[1]




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