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"Nimrod's Son": Cain explains how, in the beginning of his existence, he found himself in a desert. As he wandered it, he saw a dying woman, and felt compelled to feed on her. As he did, she screamed his name, and he did not know how she knew his name

Quote1 Love, I wouldn't if you were the last five-hundred-year-old mass murderer on earth. Quote2
-- John Constantine

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Synopsis for "Nimrod's Son"

Cain explains how, in the beginning of his existence, he found himself in a desert. As he wandered it, he saw a dying woman, and felt compelled to feed on her. As he did, she screamed his name, and he did not know how she knew his name. Instinctively, he knew how much to drink, in order to leave her alive enough to rise again, like him. She became his bride; Lilith.

Meanwhile, Andrew Bennett has just turned the keeper of the books of the Van Helsings, forcing him to ally himself with them instead of his old masters. They are seeking a certain object, but Andrew warns his companions to touch nothing. Tig fails to heed the warning, and touches a stone resting on a pedestal, which causes her hand to disappear. Charles Thompson explains that the stone touched Heaven, and they are going to use it to open the door to Hell. The keeper accidentally steps on a trigger stone, which wakes all of the statues in the room to come alive and attack.

Mary becomes frustrated with Cain's story, eager to know what can be done to turn Andrew back to his old non-evil self. Grumpily, she storms out. In an alley, she grumbles to herself, but is interrupted by John Constantine. He offers his help, despite the animosity between them. He believes that the world needs the old Andrew back, and that the new Andrew could bring about the end of the world thanks to his activities at Castle Van Helsing. He creates a vision for her of the goings on there, allowing her to walk with him through it all, without being seen.

After Andrew makes short work of the leader of the Van Helsings and the living statues, Tig spots an item in the library that belongs to her. It is her old locket that she lost when her father died. The others, meanwhile, try to find a way to transport the stone.

Cain tells of how he and Lilith had first encountered the cult of vampire hunters after having turned hundreds into their children. In her rage and loss, Lilith became the first to transform into a beast. They thought they had killed every one who had wronged them, but some survived to form the Van Helsings. His story is interrupted by Mary, who returns from her vision to explain that Andrew has killed most of the Van Helsings by now, and he is on his way to his next location. Eagerly, they all leave Cain at the bar, despite his desire to finish his story.

The keeper explains that the Van Helsings created a ritual that was meant to contain Cain, but as Andrew is as close to Cain as it gets, and they have the stone, it shouldn't capture him, but it should help them. As they're talking, Tig realizes that it was the Van Helsings who killed her father. Andrew states that that was not the case. It was John Constantine who killed her father. They all step into the circle that the keeper draws on the floor in accordance with the ritual, and are transported away with the stone.

Constantine leads Mary and company to the House of Mystery, explaining that they will use it to travel to the pocket dimension within the Van Helsing Castle. Strangely, though, the House is locked. When he releases the handle, the door opens of its own accord, and Andrew is waiting for him.


  • This book was first published on January 30, 2013.
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  • Andrew Bennett's words in the last panel "Move over, old dog -- there's a new dog moving in" are a slight variation on the words from Hank Williams' song Move It On Over. The corresponding phrase from the song is "Move over old dog 'cause a new dog's moving in". The last line in each stanza is a variant of "Move over ...".

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