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IW Publications

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IW Publications


Israel Waldman



Israel Waldman started up the not tremendously imaginatively titled IW Publications in 1958 and began to turn a profit by adopting the unique, if slightly ethically unsound, policy of only publishing reprints; specifically, reprints he didn't have to pay for! Waldman's strategy was brilliantly simple: he would buy up printing plates or original art, direct from the printers, of material previously published by other companies no longer in business. Then, he would repackage and republish the material under eye catching covers of his own, sometimes under a new title, apparently without seeking permission from anybody and without regard for copyright.Over approximately seven years, IW (later operating under the name Super Comics) reprinted material previously published by companies including Fox Features Syndicate, Quality Comics, Fiction House, Avon, Timely, Harry A Chesler, EC and many more, including characters such as Doll Man, Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, the Spirit, the Black Knight and the Blue Beetle (that last one for some reason inexplicably repackaged-on the cover only-as 'The Human Fly'). The numbering of IW's titles seems utterly random (Doll Man, for instance, had only three issues but they were #11, #15 and #17) and a lot of them only ran to one issue. They did, however, publish strips from virtually every genre imaginable, from superheroes to horror to romance comics. In order to avoid the necessity of submitting to the Comics Code Authority, Waldman packaged his comics in sealed bags of three, putting them into the sales category of novelty items rather than periodicals. Despite his unorthodox business practices, Waldman reputedly had a very good reputation amongst the artists he employed to create his covers (including such names as Vince Colletta, Ross Andru and Joe Simon) since he was regarded as scrupulously fair and fast when it came to payment. Super Comics, as it was by then, ceased publishing in 1964. Israel Waldman later returned to comics as one of the co-owners of Skywald Publications in 1970.

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