Ichabod Crane was the Assistant Mayor of Fabletown until he was removed after a report of sexual harassment from Snow White, his then assistant. Even beforehand, he was corrupt while in office. He knew of Hansel's involvement in the Salem witch trials, and later, of Jack Horner's robbing and murdering Mundys in the 19th century. Both were written off as events of no concern to Fabletown.

After being removed from his position, Ichabod left Fabletown in disgrace. A few years later, while in Paris, he became a double-agent for the Adversary, so Bigby Wolf sent Cinderella as a spy to catch him in the act. But because he used unofficial means by Fabletown standards, Bigby was unable to try him. So while Ichabod was distracted, Bigby bashed in his skull with a statue bust of Napoléon.