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Emperor Blackgate
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Edward and Ann Ogilvy (parents)
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3 lined scar on his left arm from one of his first fights with the Batman
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Quote1 You've proven yourself a capable underling, and you've more than earned by trust. I'm leaving you in charge. Keep my operation running smoothly, and your reward will be great. Quote2
-- Oswald Cobblepot src


Ignatius Ogilvy was a young boy when he joined the Penguin's gang. He started off as a runner and a watchman. Ogilvy first encountered the Batman during an operation for the Penguin. Batman beat Ogilvy's entire crew and, seeing the boy terrified in the corner, walked over to Ogilvy and threatened him to stay out of trouble. Obviously, the boy did not comply.

Ogilvy stayed with the Penguin, going up in ranks after many operations. During one of those experiences, Ogilvy fought the Batman as a normal henchman. The bad guy took three batarangs to his left arm, leaving a deep scar.

After many more missions, Ogilvy became one of the Penguin's right-hand men. Before long, Ogilvy became Cobblepot's favorite. The Penguin sent Ogilvy on a mission by himself to collect data from a bank with a new recruit. While Ogilvy got the data, the new recruit raided the bank's vault, trying to impress the Penguin. However, Ogilvy was not impressed and killed the man for making such a stupid move. [1]

When the Joker returned to Gotham City, Cobblepot was recruited by the Joker to help with his plan at Arkham Asylum. Penguin put Ogilvy in charge of his operations in his temporary absence. Ogilvy, however, used the Penguin's absence to take over his gang completely. Ignatius freed Poison Ivy from an almost inescapable death. Ogilvy, now going under the alias of Emperor Penguin, formally takes over Cobblepot's operations.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Deception: Ogilvy managed to deceive Cobblepot enough and became his right-hand man. Ogilvy then used this misplaced trust to commandeer the Penguin's criminal gang.
  • Street Smarts: Ogilvy has proven that, after enough scuffles with the Batman, he pretty much understands how the Batman decides which crimes are worth going after. [1]



  • Penguin's Umbrella: Because Emperor Penguin claims to be the Penguin's successor, he helps himself to Cobblepot's trick umbrellas.



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