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Illya was the third official chronist of Atlantis since her brother's death (Britton, son of Cole), by black flu. She was Bazil's close friend and used to join him in his shark huntings. Illya had always a dislike for tritonians, like most of the people from Poseidonis.

Illya witnessed princess Cora's 14th birthday, when Dardanus (Shalako's son, supposed to be dead) reappeared alive and stabbed Bazil. She even had the chance to punch Dardanus after that episode.[1]

Most of her writings were told by his friend Bazil. However, she always wanted to be in the first line, specially during the battle between tritonians and people from Poseidonis. During that battle, she was found dead. Someone attacked her from behind.[2]

The next official chronist of Atlantis would be her son Regin.


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Illya acquired the ability to endure the pressures of the deep.
  • Amphibious: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Illya acquired the ability to breathe underwater and survive the increased pressure of the ocean depths.



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