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Quote1 A last stand. How charmingly pointless. Quote2
-- Imperiex src

Imperiex was once a soldier in the 40th and 41st centuries. As he was injured, more and more parts of his body was replaced by powerful robotics, and in the end, nothing human was left, except possibly his brain. In the beginning of the 41st century, most of the galaxy had been destroyed by him. An underground scientist, K3NT, had created Superman-X to defeat Imperiex. When Superman-X did not, he was sent to the 31st century to recruit the Legion of Super-Heroes. After a battle between the Legion and Imperiex forces, Imperiex was believed to be dead. Instead, he stole Superman-X warp-key (the technology that he used to travel in time with) and went to the 31st century. Since then, Imperiex and the Legion has battled several times.

During one of these battles, Brainiac 5 gave into his ancient Brainiac 1.0 personality and power, and claimed that he wished to join Imperiex. On a comm-screen, Imperiex showed his new alliance with Brainiac 5 to the Legion of Super-Heroes. But, seconds after this announcement, Brainiac 5 murdered Imperiex and Validus, which was also shown on the screen. Brainiac 5's last words to Imperiex was that he would not bring chaos to the Universe as Imperiex would, but bring order. Brainiac allied himself with the Dominators in the position that Imperiex used to have.



Imperiex is highly intelligent and possesses two energy blades that he is highly skilled with.


Whenever he uses his chest-cannon, his energy core is exposed and vulnerable.


Two energy blades and numerous weapons and robots.



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