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Impulse/Atom: Double Shot Vol 1 1


Impulse/Atom: Double Shot Vol 1 1

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"Roll Back": Liri Lee returns to Vanishing Point where she finds Waverider babysitting toddler versions of Impulse and the Atom. When she asks him about the situation, W

Quote1 I have dealt with problems of immeasurable magnitude. I have watched hundreds of millions be born and die. I have seen entire worlds fall and helped restore the flow of time itself. But never, never — have I dealt with — nghchildren. Quote2
-- Waverider

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Synopsis for "Roll Back"

Liri Lee returns to Vanishing Point where she finds Waverider babysitting toddler versions of Impulse and the Atom. When she asks him about the situation, Waverider explains that he found them in the center of a disturbance of the timestream. To get to the root of the problem, Waverider must monitor events from the recent past.

The current situation began when the Atom returned to his home town of Ivy Town. He was hoping to re-activate the old Time Pool in the hopes of using it to return to the past in order to prevent the recent death of his teammate Joto.

Meanwhile, Max Mercury was taking his ward, Bart Allen, and several other students on a day trip to Ivy University. Bart witnessed a disturbance from one of the buildings and went to investigate as Impulse. It was at this point that both he and the Atom were regressed in age.

Waverider found them and brought them back to Vanishing Point. While trying to determine a solution to their current problem, he leaves the children alone in a room which includes a viewfinder to a Khund space battle. The kids find a way to bring items from various points in time into Vanishing Point and Waverider finds them riding atop a herd of velociraptors.

Waverider manages to pinpoint the origin of the Time Pool malfunction and corrects things. The Atom and Impulse return to their previous ages, but without the memory of this particular adventure.


  • This issue is the last part of the 1998 "Double Shot" one-shot specials, which pairs a mainstream DC Comics superhero with a member of the second iteration of the Teen Titans.
  • The Atom was regressed to the age of a teenager during Zero Hour. Following this issue, he now has the ability to increase his size and density as well as decrease it.
  • Pop Mhan's name is misspelled as "Mahn" in this issue.


  • There are two Khund warriors featured in this issue named K'Waid and K'eringo. These characters are named after writer Mark Waid and artist Mike Wieringo, the creators of Impulse.

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