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Impulse Vol 1 54

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"Day of Judgment, Night of Camping": Bart has been spending too much time at home, so Helen encourages him to spend some time with his friends on a camping trip. Naturally, this causes great concern for [[Max Mercury (New Earth

Quote1 Hmmm, I don't know ... with Bart 'fun' is usually a seven-letter word — 'T-R-O-U-B-L-E!' Quote2
-- Max Mercury

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Synopsis for "Day of Judgment, Night of Camping"

Bart has been spending too much time at home, so Helen encourages him to spend some time with his friends on a camping trip. Naturally, this causes great concern for Max, who has little confidence in Bart's ability to reign in his impulsiveness.

Some time after Bart leaves for his camping trip, Zatanna and the original Flash appear at Helen's house to see Max. They warn him of the recent coup wrought by the demons of the underworld, and their current invasion of Earth. Max races off to assist the heroes.

The boys go on their camping trip, and Preston and Wade talk about their amateur movie. They were inspired by a recent trip to the movies to see the new Christian Tarenturro film, Pulp Dogs. Each boy takes a turn telling a scary story, but when it comes to Bart's turn, they are horrified to see the campfire before them release a plague of ghosts and demons. Bart has no idea why this is happening. The demons disappear into the night sky, but the boys are terrified enough that they decide to pack up their gear and go home.



  • The fictional movie director Christian Tarenturro is based on real life director Quentin Tarantino who directed the films Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. In this issue, Christian Tarenturro's movie is an amalgamation of the above two title Pulp Dogs.

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