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Impulse Vol 1 63


Impulse Vol 1 63

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"Mercury Falling, Part Two: Training!": Bart Allen seems to be a changed teenager. He acts seriously as Impulse, cleans his room and earns A grades in school. Both his friends and family are amazed how he handles himself rig

Quote1 But now, with your … condition … I think that maybe this is finally — finally — real to Bart, and that maybe this is the only way that Bart knows how to deal with it. Quote2
-- Helen Claiborne

Appearing in "Mercury Falling, Part Two: Training!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Impulse (Flashback only)
  • Mr. Daniels
  • Ayana
  • Wade
  • Mike Ringer
  • Governor Don Siegelman
  • Dave Trimble




Synopsis for "Mercury Falling, Part Two: Training!"

Bart Allen seems to be a changed teenager. He acts seriously as Impulse, cleans his room and earns A grades in school. Both his friends and family are amazed how he handles himself right now.

According to Dr. Morlo, the health condition of Max Mercury continues to detoriate. Morlo still hopes that Bart is able to carry Max into the Speed Force so that Max is able to recharge and heal himself. But Impulse needs to hit certain frequencies to achieve that and both Morlo and Max are not convinced that Bart is able to do that. But the tests already show improvements in that regard. Both Morlo and also Helen Claiborne think that Bart's new focus is the result of him caring so much for Max.

Bart's friends in school get a little worried that he has no fun anymore. When Bart explains that his uncle is sick, Carol wants to know more about it especially because Bart is still acting a little too strange. Thus, Bart takes her with him to visit Dr. Morlo and downplays all of Carol's insinuations that Bart has been acting strange lately. Morlo is positive that they can cure Max, but then they are interrupted by the news that Alabama's governor has been taken hostage by the The Fog Prince who also challenges Impulse to face him. Of course, Bart immediately takes off to Montgomery to answer the villain's challenge. And as was the case over the last few weeks, Impulse quickly and effectively defeats his opponent. This time he does it by eradicating all humidity from the area so that the Fog Prince is not able to create any more fog creatures. Morlo and Max are again stunned by Bart's accomplishment, but Carol remains suspicious ...


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