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Impulse Vol 1 66


Impulse Vol 1 66

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"Mercury Falling, Conclusion: Deathrace": Impulse explains to a very perplexed Dr. Morlo how Inertia replaced him and now entered the Speed Force together with [[Max Mercury (New Earth)|Max Mercury]

Quote1 You … you really DON'T get it … do you? I … I love him … I'd die for him. Or with him. That's what you do … how you feel when you love someone. Quote2
-- Impulse

Appearing in "Mercury Falling, Conclusion: Deathrace"

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Synopsis for "Mercury Falling, Conclusion: Deathrace"

Impulse explains to a very perplexed Dr. Morlo how Inertia replaced him and now entered the Speed Force together with Max Mercury. Carol Bucklen found Inertia's personal notes and obviously he plans to kill Max inside the Speed Force. Impulse wants to go there as well, despite Morlo explaining to him the difficulties involved in doing so.

Inside the Speed Force, Max again praises Impulse for his improvements. Inertia is having doubts because the people started to care about him. But when Max says "I love you, Bart", Inertia angrily shouts back at him while revealing his true identity as well as his detailed long-term plan to kill Max by throwing him into the speed storm. Thad admits that for a very short period he started to like being respected as a hero and a family member. Max immediately tries to pursuade Thad that he can be that person, but in the end Inertia acts like the villain that he is. Right after he tossed Max to the ground, Impulse arrives and the two start an emotional fight. The more disciplined Inertia gets the upper hand, but seeing how a beaten up Impulse still mainly cares about Max's well-being, Inertia realizes that his life is empty and his revenge will get him nowhere. He is enraged by Bart's demonstration of love and runs off.

Now it is Impulse's task to save Max's life. Although he did not receive the training, he carries Max into the speed storm. Bart is sucessful and Max regains his tall, muscular look. With tears in his eyes Max embraces Impulse ...


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