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Moya demands from Kessler to show her something, to which Kessler replies that she will be quite surprised at what he is going to show her. As they walk through the halls of an undisclosed location, presumably the First Sons headquarters, somebody says that they can smell “his” stink, referring to K

Quote1 They helped him create the Ray Sphere, make all of this possible. Without them, Trish's still alive...which is why they're going to die. Quote2
-- Cole MacGrath

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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Moya demands from Kessler to show her something, to which Kessler replies that she will be quite surprised at what he is going to show her. As they walk through the halls of an undisclosed location, presumably the First Sons headquarters, somebody says that they can smell “his” stink, referring to Kessler. Moya mentions that everything that is happening is becoming a mess between the F.B.I. and DARPA. They have poured tens of millions of dollars into Kessler’s project and he so far has nothing to show for it.

Kessler opens a security door and leads Moya into a room with a large chamber. He then proceeds to explain the neuro-electric process. He tells her that he has tried to expose someone multiple times to the Ray Sphere. The final product is a man with multiple powers and an extra set of arms named David, a security guard. Moya tells Kessler to stop, but he ignores her and exposes him once again.

The focus then switches to Cole just before the blast. He is giving a package to a woman who claims he has the wrong address. His phone rings and someone on the other line tells him to open the package. He does, and the package explodes.

It is now one month later. A newscaster, Linda, is interviewing General Bridges in front of the Stampton Bridge, on the opposite side from Empire City. He mentions that the quarantine is in its twenty-fourth day. He says that the situation is stable, when in reality people are starving. Linda asks about the vaccine to cure the plague, when he mentions that the city is 80% plague free, which is contradicted in the next panel, showing sick and dead people leaning against a garbage can.

Cole is now shown, kneeling at Trish’s grave. Cole talks about how she was murdered four days ago by a man called Kessler, and that all he could do was watch as she fell, and that he can’t bring her back to life, despite his abilities. He looks at the photo of his wedding day that Kessler gave him, something that will now never happen. The Warden then approaches Cole, mentioning how his grandkids used to play in the adjacent park. He then tells Cole that they have found the last of the First Sons, dug in near the pier. Cole says he’ll deal with them, to which the Warden asks him to wait for backup. Cole declines.

The focus is on Moya again, on an aircraft carrier. Large tubes with conduit experiments in them are lined up. The man shown before is in one of the tubes. Moya then goes to an operating room where Alden Tate is laying on the table. Two doctors prepare for surgery. Alden uses his telekinesis to raise stuff in the room, after which Moya punches him in the face, and then commands the doctors to tear him open. She then leaves.

Cole is now seen, attacking a group of First Sons. Their history is explained as he does this. He talks about how they created the Ray Sphere, and how, if they were never created, Trish would still be alive. Cole is then called by the Warden, saying that they are in trouble from the remaining First Sons. Cole makes his way over to them on the pier. After the fight is over, Zeke approaches Cole, thanking him for saving their bacon. Cole shrugs him away and tells the Warden that he’s going to clean up any stragglers. Warden asks if Cole likes Zeke anymore, to which Zeke replies that no, he doesn’t.

Back in the First Sons Research Facility, David breaks free, making scriptural references of how Kessler denied him the Lord’s blessings. He then says he will find Kessler and teach him the price of his folly. As he roams the streets, he becomes hungry, and eats a woman that is searching through a garbage can.

Cole and Zeke are now sitting at a fire outside Eagle Point Penitentiary. Zeke offers Cole some beans, which he denies. Zeke tries making small talk about the day’s events. Cole asks Zeke why he is here, saying that because he shot Kessler a few times doesn’t make him forgiven. Zeke tells Cole he is sorry. Cole gets angry and tells Zeke that Kessler is him from the future. Zeke finds this unbelievable. Cole then shows him the photo of the wedding, proving that Kessler was from an alternate timeline. He continues, telling Zeke why Kessler did what he did. Because of the Beast. Because Cole needed to be ready. All Cole now sees when he looks at Zeke is Kessler laughing at him, and it makes him want to strangle the life out of Zeke. “You’re all I’ve got left, Zeke. But by God, I hate your guts.”

David now enters his old house. His wife is laying on the bed, a bottle of pills tipped over on her bedside table. A flashback shows David talking to his wife, discussing the money that Kessler is willing to give him, and that they could use the money to stop the foreclosure on the house. David tells the wife in his arms that there is nothing to worry about, and that he will find Kessler, even though he is disguised. As Cole MacGrath.


  • This book was first published on March 9, 2011.
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