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The Indigo Tribe is one of the seven Corps of the emotional spectrum. The bearers of the Indigo light wield the power of compassion. The Indigo Tribe plays a pivotal role within the Blackest Night.
Indigo Tribe

Indigo Tribe
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Indigo Tribe
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New Earth, Prime Earth, [[]][[Category:|Indigo Tribe (New Earth)]]
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Quote1 Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur, Natromo faan tornek wot ur, Ter lantern ker lo Abin Sur, Taan lek lek nok -- Formorrow Sur! Quote2
--Indigo Tribe oathsrc


The Indigo Tribe is one of the seven Corps of the emotional spectrum. The bearers of the Indigo light wield the power of compassion. The Indigo Tribe plays a pivotal role within the Blackest Night.

Centuries ago violent explorers came to Nok and transformed it into a slave center. It is those invaders who would build dungeons that held the indigenous population of Nok before transporting them across the universe to fates unknown. This was until Abin Sur came, together with one of the remaining indigenous members of the planet, Natromo, he fought the invaders.

Together Abin Sur and Natromo discovered the power of the Indigo light. It comes from the spring within a cavern in the deep jungles, from an unknown source deep within the world of Nok. The original inhabitants used its heat to forge their weapons. They soon learned that once their enemies were cut with these weapons, they momentarily changed. For a brief time, they were overcome with remorse. Through the rest of the indigenous people returned to the jungles after they were freed, Natromo stayed to teach Abin Sur the ways of the Indigo light.

They became allies and friends. Together they forged an Indigo ring, then Abin Sur left. In time he returned with a woman known as Iroque. Iroque was the first to wear an Indigo ring. It changed her. It filled her heart with compassion. He then set off to bring back others while Natromo forged more rings.

The tribe is made up of the worst killers and sadists the universe has ever seen. Abin brought them here. The Tribe was to be an army at the ready for Abin Sur, but the true reason behind the forging of the rings had nothing to do with the redemption of his enemies. Following the prophecy of the Blackest Night, Abin Sur knew once it had passed the end of the Green Lantern Corps would be at hand. He knew it would be destroyed by an evil hidden from sight, an evil from within. That evil being the Guardians of the Universe.

Unlike the dead Abin Sur knew the Guardians were unbeatable. So he made a plan to change them. The Indigo Tribe was simply a test. The rings are the only way to stop the Guardians' impending madness.

All members of the Indigo Tribe abandon everything they own and devote themselves to compassion. As such, their uniforms have a simple, hand-made appearance, their bodies are adorned with the Indigo Lantern symbol written in body paint, and they carry carved, lantern-like staffs with them. The Indigo Tribe is led by the mysterious alien, Indigo-1. Indigo-1 has stated that her Tribe exists to spread goodwill throughout the universe. However their true motives and intentions have yet to be revealed, and there may be a dark side to their actions; one of their most recent new recruits, William Hand, appears to been coerced into accepting his staff and ring.

"Nok" - May compassion guide you

The indigo light of compassion is the most elusive light within the emotional spectrum. Very few can wield the indigo light because it requires the user to give themselves over completely to the universe and be able to feel of every living creature in the universe. The Indigo Tribe posses a power unique only to their Corps members.


Equipment: Indigo Tribe Power Battery/Staff, Indigo Power Ring
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Indigo Tribe Staff, Indigo Power Ring


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  • It would appear that Indigo-1 had some acquaintance with Abin Sur. She mentioned that she spoke with him about Sinestro and the coming Blackest Night before she harnessed the power of the indigo light.
  • The members of the Indigo Tribe speak an as-yet unidentified language. To date, all attempts to translate it have been unsuccessful.

However as of 'The Book of the Black' by Geoff Johns several words have been translated. All said by William Hand after he is forced into the tribe.

"Nok" - 'May compassion guide you'. The most commonly used phrase by the indigo tribe.

"Le Orak Te [Name]" - 'My name is [Name]'

"Luca" - 'Please'

"Klok Ner" - 'Help me'

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