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Infinity Island is an island located in the Indian Ocean. Its most notable characteristic are its double volcanoes right in the middle of the island.


Infinity Island is an island located in the Indian Ocean. Its most notable characteristic are its double volcanoes right in the middle of the island.

Origin and Conquest

The island was once populated by natives, but in the 17th Century, Ra's al Ghul learned about the existence of the place and proceeded to conquer it and enslaved the natives of the place, creating a perfect paradise for his followers and a living hell for the slaves. The people of the island were forced to mine resources, which were used to expand Ra's wealth and organizations. The events were chronicled in the diary of the historian Āl Talmün:

"He came to us hands open in peace and he took all we owned. What meager foods we farmed, he stole. What women we loved were taken and seen never more. We were a few, and he came with many who destroyed our lives, our homes and our hopes. He was a heartless scourge and we were the first to suffer his evil touch.
Once he came with his monsters and madmen, our brave people never again saw the light of hope. We were herded like sheep into the mines, forced to constantly dig deep holes into the earth. If we complied, the lashes of his whips would be few. If we resisted, we would be flogged until we died. With every painful shovel of earth we dug, we cursed that demons' name.
He had so much to offer, but his offerings were evil. He held the secrets of life, but preferred to deal in death. He was a tyrant and a butcher because he cared neither for the living nor the dead. He was an immortal who to become immortal had given his soul in exchange. His name was Rā's al Ghūl and he was born in the fiery pits of hell. May he return from whence he came."
Excerpt from Āl Talmün's diary (17th Century)[1][2]

Lazarus Pit and Destruction

Ra's al Ghul settled on Infinity Island because he located a new Lazarus Pit in the core of the island. The pit was different from others he had encountered, as it was more powerful and more deadly. It was connected to the main volcanic system of the island, which gave the chemicals of the pit a characteristic red color.

Centuries later, Ra's al Ghul learned that Bruce Wayne had bought the island and he set out to ruin Wayne, learning in the process that he was also the vigilante called Batman. Due to Ra's interference, Batman confronted Ra's on Infinity Island and the Lazarus Pit's chamber was the place for the final encounter. Ra's fell two times into the pit, creating a chain reaction that activated the volcanoes and destroyed most part of the island. Ra's was trapped in the explosion and Batman, Talia and his other allies managed to escape in time to avoid the fiery explosion.[3]

Other Versions


Infinity Island is an island base of the League of Shadows in the Caribbean.

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