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Injustice: Year Two Vol 1 1


Injustice: Year Two Vol 1 1

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"Third Wheel": A flashback, featuring Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, is seen several years ago. The trio is relishing in their victory against "a planet-core-eating zombie moon", and Ollie wants to go have a drink. Hal, however, wants to go home and do chores. Nonetheless, Hal accompa

Quote1 That's it Clark. Let's see the real you. Show me the last thing Ollie saw before you killed him. Quote2
-- Dinah Lance

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Synopsis for "Third Wheel"

A flashback, featuring Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, is seen several years ago. The trio is relishing in their victory against "a planet-core-eating zombie moon", and Ollie wants to go have a drink. Hal, however, wants to go home and do chores. Nonetheless, Hal accompanies Dinah and Ollie into a pub and is mocked by Dinah, who compliments him on his old-main impression.

A biker walks into the bar and offers to buy Dinah a drink. Ollie scoffs the biker and acts sarcastic against him. Dinah tells the biker to walk off, saying she's the only person who can touch Ollie like that. When the biker mocks Ollie's needing a girl to defend him, the archer simply says he doesn't need Dinah to, but enjoys it when she does. Dinah attacks the biker and his friends, subduing every one of them. Sensing an opportunity, Ollie flicks a peanut into the main biker's eye, temporarily blinding him while Dinah knocks him out cold.

Dinah, floundering in her win, toys with Ollie over his beard and his honor. When Hal remarks about his being a third wheel, Dinah playfully says she can let Hal give Queen's beard a tug, and the three make a toast to Hal, "savior of the world--and the finest third wheel a man and his girl could have." As Oliver is saying this, the scene transitions to his funeral, with Dinah and Hal standing over his grave. Behind Hal are members of Superman's Regime, including Victor Stone, Damian Wayne, Lex Luthor and Barry Allen. Everyone, save Lance and Jordan, depart from the grave as Dinah asks Hal if he still believes Superman is doing the right thing. When Hal answers yes, Dinah tells him that there's nothing more to say and Hal walks off.

Superman touches down near Dinah, saying that he needs to talk to her. In response, Dinah unleashes her Canary Call at full force against Kal. He reaches up to grab her head, intending to kill her, but meets her eyes and lets go. Dinah tells Superman that humans can fend for themselves and that they aren't fragile as Kal believes; Dinah once believed Kal was human, but sees that he no longer is. She tells Superman to look at her closely, and he sees that Dinah is pregnant. Superman flies off, guilty, as Dinah speaks to someone with a communicator. Dinah asks if everything was recorded, and when the voice says that they have, Dinah simply says "Good." The voice signs off, saying "Oracle out."

Kyle is seen flying through space towards Earth, after having been on a mission that took him away from Earth for over a year. The narrator comments that the Earth he knew is vastly different from what he is to encounter shortly.

In Gotham, Commissioner Gordon ascends to the top of the Gotham City Police Department HQ to meet whomever lit the Batsignal. It is shown that Superman lit it, and asks Gordon where Batman is hiding. James lights a cigarette and tells Kal that he has no idea where he is. When Kal questions his statement, saying he may be lying, Gordon asks Superman to use his x-ray vision on Gordon to check for an elevated pulse or heartbeat. When neither of those things are true, Kal asks Gordon to tell the Kryptonian of Batman's location should he find out. He also reveals that Gordon has several cancerous masses on his lungs, and that the spread is extensive.

On the Tower of Fate, Bruce is waking up after having had his back broken by Superman. Alfred informs Bruce that he took his master to somewhere Superman cannot see, and called upon a friend who was equally invisible to the tyrant: Zatanna. She remarks that Bruce needed to see a doctor, and took him to the tower of Doctor Fate. When Bruce tries to sit up, Zatanna uses a spell to put Bruce back to sleep.

The day before Kyle traveled far from Earth, he had gotten a phone number from a girl who shared many of Kyle's interests and told him to call her the next day. Kyle had hoped to call her when he got back, but is met by members of the Sinestro Corps, instead. Sinestro, himself, confronts Kyle and informs Rayner of Earth's changes, and that he looks to earth for future alliances. Kyle ridicules Sinestro's facial hair in an attempt to unsettle Thaal, commenting on his mustache. Sensing Kyle's fear, Sinestro pulls Kyle's ring finger off, commenting on the impending war and that Kyle won't see it, as the Green Lantern is torn apart by the other Sinestro Corpsmen.


  • This book was first published on January 15, 2014.
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