When Tess Mercer took over LuthorCorp, she shut down the Black Creek facility and many metahumans escaped. She began recruiting them to form a team of heroes of Earth. Tess first tried to recruit Bette Sans Souci, but she blew up the bus Tess was on. Later, Bette agreed to join Tess' group so she wouldn't go to Belle Reve.

When Randy Klein began killing people to emulate the killings of Doomsday, he was stopped by Clark Kent and arrested. Tess sent her assistant Eva Greer to go and blackmail Randy into joining by providing evidence that he wasn't the real killer.

After Plastique and Parasite were defeated, Oliver Queen explained that they were securely locked away.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • All of the members' outfits had the symbol of the Orb on them.
  • Randy Klein was offered a position on the team in Prey, though he did not appear in Injustice. It is unclear if he accepted to join or not.
  • The name "Injustice League" was never mentioned.


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