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Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

Official Name
Invisible Robot Plane; Invisible Jet; Transparent Plane; Swan Plane

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Vehicle Details

Current Owner

Previous Models

William Moulton Marston; Harry G. Peter

First appearance


The invisible plane was Wonder Woman's primary mode of transportation for long distance travel.

Wonder Woman's first plane was a product of the Lansinarian Morphing Disk, gifted to her by the Lansinarians. The subterranean technology could transform into a number of transparent items, and both Diana and Hippolyta used it to create a plane during their tenures as Wonder Woman. The disc eventually lost sentience, and was locked in plane shape.[1] It was, however, nonfunctioning.

One year later, Batman provided Wonder Woman with a jet that had the latest in Stealth technology. It was not as invisible as the Lansinarian technology, but still fit her purposes.[2]

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