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Iris West was a computer graphics artist who started dating Barry Allen shortly before he started his career as the Flash.

Iris was at the Allen family residence with Barry and his parents to celebrate the birthday party for Barry's older brother, Jay. After they celebrated, Barry went off to the CCPD for work when he was caught in a freak lab accident. As soon as they hear about the news, Iris and Barry's family rush to the hospital, and are surprised but relieved when they all find that he miraculously survived the blast unscathed without serious injury.

Iris wanted Barry to be at the opening art gallery which would be featuring some of her work as her career as an artist was just starting to pick up. Barry ended up missing it after he discovered his accident had given him powers, and was beginning to learn how to control them.

Barry apologized for missing the gallery, and wanted to take their relationship further, but Iris was not ready for that kind of commitment. Even though they still loved and cared for each other, they ultimately broke up, because they both realized that they wanted different things from their relationship.

After that, Iris ultimately made the decision to move to France so that she could make a new start in life for herself.

Even though she was not seen again after that, Iris did send a letter from Paris to Barry.

Barry's friend and co-worker Julio Mendez read and showed the letter to Barry which said that Iris was having a good time in France and was just starting to settle in her new home.

Julio wanted to show more to him but Barry did nit want to see it. And to help Barry move on Julio decided to burn it so as not to trouble him any further.

Iris can also be seen in a family picture that she and Barry all took together during Barry's birthday party for his brother; which Barry still keeps in his apartment.


This version of Iris is about 9 years younger than Barry.



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