Quote1 Hey, look who's in your video game! Quote2
-- Ambush Bug src

Irwin Schwab was a regular man once, before obtaining the costume of his alter ego, Ambush Bug. Before Brainiac's attack on Earth, Ambush Bug discovered a location known as "The Vault" which contained numerous prizes- some useful and powerful, others worthless. When Brainiac's Exobytes were released on the Earth by the Future Lex Luthor, Ambush Bug quickly began to spread the news of this Vault to the new super heroes and villains whenever he could contact them- awarding them tickets to enter the Vault at least once every day.


  • Teleportation: Ambush Bug's suit allows him to teleport himself or others nearby vast distances at will.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Schwab is aware of the Fourth Wall, and understands that he is in a video game based on a comic book.
  • Ambush Bug can be found in numerous places, despite having no purpose as an NPC once he contacts players about the Vault. He can be found in both the JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom, he may randomly spawn in the beginning mission of the game to deliver a single line of dialogue before teleporting away, and he appears hidden somewhere in every Duo mission in the game. Finding him in each Duo awards hero players the "Debugging Duos" feat, while doing the same as a villain unlocks the "Quit Bugging Me" feat.