Ambush Bug learned of Bat-Mite's plan to get the television series cancelled while at the gym. Realizing the show's cancellation would result in his own existence being destroyed, he teleported to Bat-Mite's location, asking him to reconsider and restore the show to how it was. His plea fell on deaf ears though, as Bat-Mite was determined to end the campy antics of Brave and the Bold forever.

As the world around them began to fade as viewers stop watching the show, Ambush Bug teleported to Batman, explaining the fourth wall and making him realize the antics going on around him are not as they should be. Deciding the only way to keep people watching would be a display of mindless violence, he convinced Batman and Aquaman to continually punch him in the face.

Initially, the plan worked, but Bat-Mite arrived once more to sabotage the show, changing Batman's costume to the "Alpine Climber" variant, giving Ace a talking nephew named Cousin Oliver, moving the setting from Gotham City to Malibu and finally, giving Batman guns. Ambush Bug reminds Batman that, no matter what, he would never use a gun, forcing the Dark Knight to once again realize the universe has changed. Upon this realization, the changes made revert back.

This epic return was too little, too late, as the show was announced "cancelled" anyway. Bat-Mite, who had previously rejoiced at this, slowly realized what he has done as his room begins to disappear piece by piece. Ambush Bug appeared before him, affirming that, after cancelling the silly and campy Brave and the Bold series, the new, more serious Batman show will no longer need goofy characters like themselves. Both of them then faded out of existence.

Later, a wrap party was held by all the characters of the show in the Batcave, while workers wheeled away the background and props. Ambush Bug, now wearing a purple Hawaiian shirt, told Batman he had a good run, to which Batman replied, "A great run."