Ishtar is a Babylonian Goddess who was worshipped in the past but overtime lost her worshipped status and slipped into obscurity. In the Sandman storyline, she was originally the Goddess of Love who drew power from the magic generated by money given for lust and sexual practices made within her temples. Thousands of years later, she was reduced to dancing in an American strip club to gather subtle worship from her clients. After Dream appeared in the club along with Deliriium seeking Ishtar's former lover, Destruction, old feelings awoke. When she next took to the stage, she did her true dance that tapped into her divine power. Neither she nor her audience survived the release of her repressed longing and she was destroyed along with the strip club in which she danced


Seduction: As a goddess of love and sexuality, Ishtar has a divine level of physical attractiveness
Divine Grace: Ishtar has been viewed as a naturally skilled exotic dancer with a uncanny level of grace in her performances
  • This character is an adaptation of Ishtar, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at