Ivan Evans, more commonly known as Ebon, is an enemy of Static. He was a nobody before the Big Bang, and after getting shadow powers, he saw his chance to become a leader of his own gang of Bang Babies, the Meta-Breed.

When a cure for the Quantum Vapor was released into the air of Dakota, Ebon, like all Meta-humans was losing his powers. Some, like his ally, Talon, were excited about the chance to be humans. Ebon wasn't one of them. Scrounging together the few remaining Meta-Humans, Ebon stole the last container of Quantum Vapor, intent on starting a second Big Bang. Despite their own powers diminishing, Static and Gear went off to stop Ebon at the freight ship he was stationed at. However due to the cure, the heroes lost their powers and were locked in a room on the ship.

Ebon was about to start his plan, when one of his allies, Francis, better known as Hotstreak, fought Ebon over the last container. A miniaturized Big Bang was released, restoring Static, Gear, Talon, and several unknown people on board to full strength. Ebon and Hotstreak however inhaled so much of the Quantum Vapor, the two fused into one massive two headed beast that held their combined powers. Static and Gear fought the beast, pushing it into the water. It is unknown if the beast survived.