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Quote1 He was even creepier than normal. But more... more natural. He was doing something. Blending in... hiding... no, not hiding... Hunting. Quote2
-- Selina Kyle src

Roughly one million years ago, Mars was a living world, populated by a race of humanoids divded by skin color. However, one day the populace received a psychic warning, which the government perceived as a threat. In fear, they began a plan to have the planet's greatest thinkers and bravest protectors shapeshift into a temporary gestalt to hunt the threat. To act as a conscience, the project also recruited J'onn J'onzz, a renowned poet and married father.[1]

However, once the plan was underway, the government liaison, Ma'alefa'ak, unveiled a double-cross, killing all of the subjects except J'onn J'onzz, then using their blood for a magic ritual that super-empowered J'onn - permanently. J'onn was furious at the betrayal, but Mars needed a manhunter, so J'onn went manhunting.[2]

J'onn found the responsible party, and came prepared to kill a monster... but found a child. Taking the shape of J'onn J'onzz's son, the child explained that it was the embodiment of the dying Martian biosphere, trying to warn the populace to help it. But they had used monstrous magic to birth a killer as their agent, and so, the child decreed that they were unworthy. Mars and the Martians died, throwing J'onn to Earth, where he lost himself in an infinity of identities before finally, one million years later, becoming a hero once again.[3]

Soon after the formation of the Justice League, J'onn tried to join them, under the hero identity of Martian Manhunter. Having forgotten his past, he could not give them answers about himself, which led to his tenure with the group ending in distrust and a fist-fight.[4]


J'onn is also a member of a group called Stormwatch, who protects Earth from super-powered threats in a more "professional" (rough but functionally covert) way.

Recently, Stormwatch was trying to recruit a superhuman named Andrew Pulaski (Apollo), who is said to have power levels that rival Superman's, to help fight a currently developing war with the Moon. However, when Apollo is contacted, he rejects the offer and briefly fights with Stormwatch[5]. It is only until he learns the Moon is at war with the Earth that Apollo joins[6]. With the help of Apollo and Midnighter Stormwatch manages to defeat an alien creature spawned by the Moon, only to be summoned by the Shadow Cabinet who plan to replace Adam One from leadership. During these proceedings the representative of the Shadow Cabinet implies J'onn wants humans to think he is the last martian, an orphan; but is cut off when J'onn threatens back that he knows what the Shadow Cabinet truly are[7]

After Stormwatch HQ reforms following Harry Tanner's kidnapping of the Projectionist hostage and detonating a bomb to destroy the ship, J'onn explains to Apollo that he never actually attempted to join the Justice League, as he would have to keep secrets from them and would regret having to betray them[8].

Later, J'onn realised that he needed to act in public, and that Stormwatch would try to stop him if they perceived him as a threatening former member. To prevent them stopping him, J'onn wiped their memories of him and vanished.[9]

Justice League of America

Martian Manhunter, being a member of a government-funded 'Justice League', began to take orders from Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor. J'onn was chosen to become Superman's 'counterpart' (in other words, replacement) if Kal ever became rogue.

He was imprisoned during the Crime Syndicate attack, but used his powers to free Stargirl, enabling her to help save the day. Afterwards, she and he founded Justice League United, a non-national superteam which could bring superheroes together.

The Epiphany

While investigating a disappeared lunar astronaut, J'onn was attacked by foes who sparked his buried memories of his origin. Running back to Earth, he fought against an inexplicable wave of terror-bombings, dying as a result.[10] However, his remains were gathered by a disparate group, who were compelled to bring the remains to a holy site in Ghana.[11]

Teleported to a paradoxical Mars, the group discovered that they were various aspects of J'onn's psyche, split off and given bodies, and that any or all of them could become the next Martian Manhunter. However, they also discovered they were being hunted by Ma'alefa'ak, the mastermind of the scheme, who wanted to use them as magical fuel to save Mars under his rule.[12]

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