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Jonn Jonzz DCAU 001
Information-silkReal NameJ'onn J'onzz
Information-silkCurrent AliasMartian Manhunter
Information-silkRelativesMy'ria'h (wife, deceased), Two unnamed children (deceased)
Information-silkAffiliationJustice League
Information-silkBase Of OperationsJustice League Watchtower
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusWidowed
Information-silkHeight6' 7"
Information-silkWeight300 lbs (136 kg)
Information-silkHairNo Hair
Information-silkUnusual FeaturesAlien Physiology
First AppearanceLast appearance
"Secret Origins, Part I"
(November, 2001)
(May, 2006)


J'onn was a founding member of the Justice League. He was the only member who constantly lived in the Watchtower; in one instance, he had been in space for 2 years without going back to Earth. Supported by Wonder Woman and Green Arrow, he temporarily resigned his commission to mingle with the people of Earth. In this time, he met a woman and married her.

He eventually returned to active duty during Darkseid's second invasion of Earth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Martian Physiology: The average Martian possesses the following power set:
    • Extrasensory Input: Nine different senses.
    • Martian Vision: Eyesight which extends the visible spectrum, visual acuity, and allows sight through most objects and barriers. Martian Vision is also similar to Kryptonian heat vision in that it can cause combustible objects to explode.
    • Flight: The ability defy gravity and fly through sheer force of will. This ability is psionic in nature, and functions similarly to tactile telekinesis.
    • Invulnerability: With the exception of fire, they are invulnerable to nearly all physical attacks. This is due primarily to their shape-shifting talents and the ability to increase the density of their molecular structure.
    • Malleable Form: Psionic control over their physical form, even down to the molecular level. As a form of shape-shifting, this power enables a Martian to contort their physical structure to adopt human form, elongate limbs, grow to immense size, and so on. They can also change the substance and material from which their body is made of. This allows them to produce weapons and clothing of any type. They can maintain the selected form for an indeterminate amount of time without undue risk or strain. This ability allows for the folowing powers:
      • Intangibility: The ability to decrease their molecular density to become incorporeal and thus able to pass through solid objects, as well as increase it to become tougher and stronger.
      • Invisibility: The ability to bend light waves around their bodies, rendering them invisible to most forms of human detection. Through this byproduct of shape-shifting, they can also alter their body's temperature, allowing them to become invisible to most forms of electronic detection.
      • Size Alteration
    • Regeneration: The ability to rapidly heal wound, from minor cuts to regrowing lost limbs. This include the regrowth of major body parts such as the head, heart, or similar primary organs.
    • Self-Sustenance: Negating the need to consume food or drink. This also eliminates the need to produce waste.
    • Superhuman Speed: Either through flight or natural movement, they can maintain the speed and reflexes far in excess to that of a standard Earth human.
      This also allows:
    • Superhuman Endurance: Their endurance is just as formidable as their strength or invulnerability. When not in the presence of fire, they can operate under extreme conditions for an indeterminate period of time without showing signs of fatigue. The exact range of this power is unknown. When in the presence of fire, this endurance diminishes greatly.
    • Superhuman Strength: While the exact range of magnitude of a Martian strength is unknown, it is generally accepted that their strength levels easily surpass the capacity to lift 100 tons. This ranks them in the same strength level as a Kryptonian under a yellow sun.
    • Telepathy: The ability to read the minds of others and project their thoughts to varying degrees. They can also project their mental essences into a gestalt community known as the "Great Mind". Through this, the community can enhance the telepathic strength of other Martians. This power can also enable them to reverse the effects of amnesia or psychological brainwashing. A Martian's expertise with telepathy varies from Martian to Martian. Some Martians, such as J'onn J'onzz, can use their ability with such precision that they can extract repressed memories from a subject regardless of how dormant the memory may lie.
      • Mind Control: As an extension of their telepathic powers, they can also use the ability to alter a subject's psychological profile, enabling them to manipulate, and in some cases, outright control their chosen target. This practice is greatly discouraged however, and only rarely used.



  • His character was voiced by actor Carl Lumbly.


  • J'onn J'onzz does not have dreams when he sleeps.[2]
  • J'onn J'onzz loves Oreos.[1]


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