Quote1 When I was an astronaut on Mars I survived an experience which profoundly changed my life. Looking at Earth from that distance I saw how small and fragile our planet is. It's fate is in our hands. Ladies and gentleman that is a responsibility we must not take lightly. Therefore today I propose a bold new solution for peace, one that would use a force more powerful than any before, a force dedicated for the good of all mankind, a force known to all as Superman! Quote2
-- J. Allen Carter src

J. Allen Carter was an astronaut who took a mission to Mars along with fellow astronaut Ed Reiss. During the mission he accidently unleashed the Imperium, and was killed and replaced with a duplicate and returned to Earth. Two years later the duplicate had become a U.S senator leading a campaign to disarm nuclear missiles across the world with the help of Superman, secretly an attempt to allow the Imperium army to invade. When the invasion began Carter maintained his disguise and assured the global population that they could fight back. He later revealed his true identity to the group of heroes, including Superman, who had attempted to fight the aliens but had been captured, and introduced the group to the Imperium leader. The ion crystals powering the Imperium's power generator were then sabotaged by Batman, destroying the aliens cloud generators and shining the sun's rays on them. Carter's skin began to burn, but he continued to fight back against the heroes. The Imperium leader began to fly into his spaceship, and Carter tried to jump onto him, but the Imperium threw him away, leaving him to die



  • Sunlight: Coming from the depth's of space all Imperium have no protection against sun radiation causing their skin to burn upon contact with sunlight.
  • J. Allen Carter is likely a reference to John Carter, the protagonist of many novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs which were set on a fantastical version of Mars, as is his fellow astronaut, Ed Reiss.



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