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"One of Ours": Starfire flees through space toward Earth. She is being pursued by a cylindrical silver object. Prysm and Fringe burst into Titans Tower and warn the Titans they are about to be invaded.

Quote1 Who would have done something like this? Many of them are but children. Quote2
-- Martian Manhunter

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Synopsis for "One of Ours"

Starfire flees through space toward Earth. She is being pursued by a cylindrical silver object. Prysm and Fringe burst into Titans Tower and warn the Titans they are about to be invaded.

The lunar JLA Watchtower is attacked by another one of the silver cylinders. Metropolis is in a state of panic and Superman and Zauriel try to contain the chaos.

In Gotham, another of the cylinders approaches Robin. Robin puts a tracer on it and it zooms away.

In space, more of the cylinders are entering Earth's atmosphere.

In Blüdhaven, Nightwing is captured by one of the cylinders.

Throughout the world, cylinders also collect Donna Troy, Terra, Fringe, Prysm, Argent, Changeling, Flash, Raven, Green Lantern and Atom.

In the meantime, the moon is being swallowed by some sort of construct.

Cylinders capture Tempest, Arsenal, Red Star, Pantha and Baby Wildebeest.

Orion flies to the construct and determines that it is composed of trophies of past victories. Items used to build the construct include a Khund battle wagon, Gordanian slaver and other ships.

Orion starts firing on the construct and Steel sends Big Barda and Martian Manhunter to stop him.

Cylinders capture Damage, Supergirl, Impulse and Ravager.

Batman calls everyone together.

Changeling, Nightwing, Raven and Flash escape their cylinders to discover they are in a room full of cylinders. Inside each one is a hero.

Batman and the other JLAers are on Titans Island. Beneath them is the underground room where all the former Titans are held captive in cylinders.


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