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"The Generation Gap": In the underground prison, Flash discovers the only Titan/former Titan not captured is Vic Stone. This leads him to believe Vic is behind the captive Titans. Flash, Nightwing, [[Garfie

Quote1 You brought the entire JLA to this island in order to save a handful of children? Quote2
-- Orion

Appearing in "The Generation Gap"

Featured Characters:

  • JLA (past and present)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Window Rock



Synopsis for "The Generation Gap"

In the underground prison, Flash discovers the only Titan/former Titan not captured is Vic Stone. This leads him to believe Vic is behind the captive Titans. Flash, Nightwing, Changeling and Raven believe Vic is trying to put his family back together by collecting all the Titans in one place.

Flash looks for a way out while Nightwing and Raven go to release the other Titans. Superman uses his heat vision to blast a hole that opens to where Flash is standing. The JLA goes down into the underground area and discover a central power unit. Once everyone is freed they destroy it.

The JLA decide to find and confront Vic. The Titans decide they can't allow that and a fight between the two teams begins. While they are fighting, cylinders seek out heroes who once aided the Titans and bring them to the battle if they agree to help.

The JLA and Titans put together a small team and send them to the moon to try and contact Vic. Once the teams have left, the JLA and Titans stop fighting.


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