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"All in the Family": Nightwing's team of former Titans are starting to talk to Victor Stone in an attempt to bring back his humanity. Meanwhile, Raven returs to Titans Island where she and [[John Henry Irons (New

Quote1 Man, were we really ever that young? Quote2
-- Flash

Appearing in "All in the Family"

Featured Characters:

  • JLA (past and present)

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "All in the Family"

Nightwing's team of former Titans are starting to talk to Victor Stone in an attempt to bring back his humanity. Meanwhile, Raven returs to Titans Island where she and Steel try to prepare the CPU to integrate Vic's soul. In space, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman use their powers to create a massive web to secure the moon, then other heroes are able to push the moon back into its orbit. In addition, Warrior provides a distraction for Mister Miracle and his team being able to sneak into the JLA Watchtower.

Inside the moon, Vic's shape slowly becomes more and more human until he finally is back with his teammates. The natural disasters on Earth suddenly stop, and Raven begins to transfer Vic's soul into the island's CPU. But as the process starts, everything on the moon begins to fall apart and the heroes have to take care of the debris falling towards Earth.

However, the CPU on the island does not work effectively, so instead of letting Omen teleport them to Earth, Nightwing and the Titans decide that she should take Vic and the Omegadrome with her. The latter could function as a body for Vic's soul. Omen follows the plan which also leaves the Titans stranded in space. The plan works as Vic turns gold and finally regains full consciousness. The Titans are saved by Green Lantern.

After everything is cleaned up, celebration takes place at Warriors where Guy Gardner reveals a statue commemorating the original Teen Titans ...


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