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Quote1 No one tries too hard to make the world better. You can never shout too loudly in the name of freedom. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "JLA: Earth-2"

A new Crime Syndicate and their Earth are shown to exist in the regular DC universe, restarting the multiverse in a very limited fashion (only two regular existing realities). The awareness of the antimatter Earth is revealed to DC Primary Earth Justice League of America when the Alexander Luthor of the antimatter Earth arrives on DC Primary Earth. His arrival accidently causes a commercial plane full of antimatter Earth people to die when they emerge on DC Primary Earth. The people on the plane are not protected from the dimensional transport as was Luthor. As a result of the lack of protection all of the people on the plane are all killed. When the Justice League arrives on the scene to investigate the dead people, the Justice League discover that all of the dead people have their hearts on the wrong side of their bodies and their money shows Benedict Arnold on the national portraits. Finding Luthor to be at the heart of the matter, the Justice League confronts him and are shown that he is not the man they know, but his counterpart from this "reverse" world. Luthor reveals that his reason for traveling to DC Primary Earth is to seek help from the superpowered beings of DC Primary Earth in overthrowing the superpowered rulers of his Earth known as the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, an evil parallel to the Justice League. Swayed by Luthor's despiration and the plight of the antimatter Earth's populace, several of the Justice League members travel to the antimatter Earth. Once there the Justice League confronts the Crime Syndicate members and trap the Crime Syndicate in a prison on the Moon. Not counting on Owlman's master schemes of having counterplots to almost every situation ever possible, the Crime Syndicate travel to the Justice League's Earth and commit carnage in hopes of conquering that planet.

Both teams find that they are unable to fulfill their own goals on the others' Earth. The Justice League cannot save the antimatter Earth as the populace largely accepts the Crime Syndicate as a legitimate entity to their Earth. The Crime Syndicate's personal fulfillment for open control cannot be fulfilled on the Justice League's Earth as exemplified by Owlman's vendetta against his father Thomas Wayne, who is dead on Justice League Earth. Both teams decide to return to their source Earths.

While defeated from his accomplishment of directly overthrowing the Crime Syndicate's control of the antimatter Earth, Luthor gains allies to fight the Crime Syndicate as well as inspiration of the other super-powered groups such as the Crime Lodge and Young Offenders to confront the Crime Syndicate directly.


  • The formal restart of the Crime Syndicate as a regular reoccuring team to the Justice League. The establishment of this reliable other Earth restarts the idea of alternate parallel realities accessible to the DC Primary Earth which had been specifically removed by the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


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