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JLA: Year One Vol 1 2


JLA: Year One Vol 1 2

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"Group Dynamic": In his headquarters the immortal Vandal Savage makes it clear that he is not pleased about this new wave of superheroes, especially referring to the newly formed team of heroes calling themselves the [[Justice League of America (New Earth)|Justice Leag

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Synopsis for "Group Dynamic"

In his headquarters the immortal Vandal Savage makes it clear that he is not pleased about this new wave of superheroes, especially referring to the newly formed team of heroes calling themselves the Justice League of America. He once brought the Justice Society down and plans to do the same thing with the Justice League.

Meanwhile, Black Canary has arranged a press conference in Gotham City to officially introduce the Justice League to the public. The start is a little bumpy with Aquaman being hard to understand and The Flash making bad jokes, but luckily Green Lantern and Black Canary are able to right the ship. As the questions from the various reporters seem to get out of hand, suddenly the group of villains put together by Vandal Savage interrupts the press conference and attacks the Justice League.

Heroes and villains start to battle each other and because of the JLA members not fighting as a unit it puts them at a disadvantage. But then the bad guys, especially because of Solomon Grundy, turn on each other which the Justice League uses to its advantage and finally defeats their opponents in front of cheering reporters and cameramen. Of course, the incident does not go unnoticed in the superhero community. While former JSA member Alan Scott and Ted Grant are pretty fond of the new "kids", Batman is not thrilled with this turn of events. He wants no part of the Justice League within the boarders of Gotham City.

After the press conference the team is addressed by Simon Carr. Carr's employer wants to stay anonymous, but takes high interest in the Justice League's actions and, thus, wants to provide financial support for the team. Carr also proposes that the heroes should visit a young inventor who works for Kord Industries in Chicago...


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