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JLA Annual Vol 1 2


JLA Annual Vol 1 2

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"Life Itself": Felix Faust breaks into a museum and raises a mummy - a wizard named Hermes Trismegistus - from the dead in an attempt to get the secret of immortality.

Quote1 How does he know things like that? Quote2
-- Wally West

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Synopsis for "Life Itself"

Felix Faust breaks into a museum and raises a mummy - a wizard named Hermes Trismegistus - from the dead in an attempt to get the secret of immortality.

Faust contacts the JLA asking for help. He tells them the wizard he resurrected wants to be dead. As a result Hermes is preparing to cast a spell to destroy all life. In order to cast it he needs to find a tablet and focus the spell through it. To save the world, the JLA must find the tablet first. The tablet has been split into three parts. J'onn stays with Faust.

Flash (Wally West) and Aquaman go to France for one part of the tablet. They find it and the ghost of Vibe.

Superman and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) go to Mount Everest. They find the second piece of the tablet and the ghost of Ice.

In New Guinea, Batman and Wonder Woman find the third piece of the tablet and the ghost of Steel.

Once back at headquarters they assemble the tablet. Faust tricks the JLA into starting a spell and then freeing him. The ghosts of the dead Leaguers save the current Leaguers and the world. Faust is sent to Arkham Asylum.


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