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JLA Incarnations Vol 1 1


JLA Incarnations Vol 1 1

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"The Justice League of America is Dead!": Reporter Tully Reed has a newsflash - the beloved heroes of the Justice League of America are dead, and explains how it happened. The immortal Wotan lured the heroes to a Caribbean island wh

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Synopsis for "The Justice League of America is Dead!"

Reporter Tully Reed has a newsflash - the beloved heroes of the Justice League of America are dead, and explains how it happened. The immortal Wotan lured the heroes to a Caribbean island where the holiday-makers in peril turned out to be automatons fitted with deadly snares for the heroes to prevent their escape as a meteor sped downwards, obliterating all but Green Lantern's ring. Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary sees this report and mourns the loss of her daughter.

At the memorial service, attended by politicians, heroes and 'normal' people, Tom Kalmaku - Hal Jordan's friend - is in attendance, behaving somewhat oddly. As he approaches Green Lantern's ring, it suddenly flares into life and the seven heroes miraculously reappear from inside it. As the heroes explain to the venerable Justice Society, they escaped through a chain of sensible actions of teamwork. The JSA express their relief that the League survived, but also chastised them for not trying to contact them or effect an escape at any point before the ceremony (when Tom Kalmaku brought Green Lantern's power battery close to the ring in order to recharge it). Hawkman suggests the idea of having one or more Society members become liaison members of the League, but the heroes remain antagonistic. Doctor Fate believes that some evil influences may be at work and the teams part company, each in the ensuing weeks trying to prove just how good they are.

After a meeting with Doctor Fate, the Martian Manhunter calls an emergency meeting of the League, saying that he has located Wotan, on a volcanic island. The JSA also turn up at this island, and the two groups argue about how to confront Wotan, who (unknown to them) has been controlling Fate and Martian Manhunter to incite the teams' differences. Those heroes with counterparts on the other team do battle with their opposite numbers, while the others, suspecting what has happened, try to take on Doctor Fate and Martian Manhunter; as they do so, Wotan sets off a huge volcanic eruption which he hopes will destroy them all.

The Earth splits at the sight of the battle between the two Black Canaries, and as the younger falls towards the lava, her mother realizes what they've been doing and saves her, assisted by the two Flashes. The two Green Lanterns then hold back the lava flow, while the Atoms cooperate to remove Wotan's influence on Fate and Manhunter. As the island begins to come apart, those two take on Wotan, while the Green Lanterns contain the blast and the others get to safety.


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