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JLA Incarnations Vol 1 3


JLA Incarnations Vol 1 3

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"Like a Tombstone in the Sky": The members of the Justice League construct their new satellite headquarters. Most of them are excited, but Green Arrow has grave misgivings - he feels that being so far above the Earth makes the League seem god-like, when they should b

Quote1 We need a decoy -- someone to harass and irritate Kobra. And we all know who is the best here to do that, don't we, kiddies? Quote2
-- Green Arrow

Appearing in "Like a Tombstone in the Sky"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Lawrence Williams (WLEX anchorman)




Synopsis for "Like a Tombstone in the Sky"

The members of the Justice League construct their new satellite headquarters. Most of them are excited, but Green Arrow has grave misgivings - he feels that being so far above the Earth makes the League seem god-like, when they should be down on Earth with the rest of mankind. However, Superman feels that the new position of the satellite should put things in perspective for those aboard. He also points out that the satellite is totally secret and has many emergency systems to protect the Leaguers, most of whom are less invulnerable than their reservist Superman.

However, the satellite is not as secret as they think, for Lex Luthor soon gets wind of it. Later, new WLEX metahuman affairs correspondent Tully Reed reports on the League's victory over the forces of Kobra - this gives Luthor an idea, and he reveals the existence of the League's satellite to the terrorist. Soon, Green Arrow is in trouble with the League because of an interview with Tully Reed, where he states that the JLA is becoming out of touch with ordinary people and not getting involved enough in social issues. When his teammates criticize him, he storms out, saying that he's quitting the League. Green Lantern flies after his friend to talk to him and discovers that Arrow is going through a mid-life crisis and is unsure if he's having any effect at all on the world. As they talk, Green Lantern receives an emergency signal from Black Canary - she's on the satellite and under attack by Kobra.

Concerned for his partner, Green Arrow wants to get to the satellite as soon as possible, but they receive another signal, from the Atom, who tells them to meet at the Lexcorp Headquarters. Luthor has received a broadcast from Kobra showing Black Canary imprisoned and demanding the League come up and surrender. Luthor says it's bound to be a threat and that their best course of action is to destroy the satellite, even at the cost of one of their members. However, Green Arrow has other ideas and volunteers to go up to the satellite as a decoy. Here he does as much damage to Kobra's troops as possible, shooting a whole variety of arrows, but ultimately being captured and brought before Kobra.

As Kobra gloats over him, Green Arrow reveals that one of his arrows was actually the Martian Manhunter, who has now disabled Kobra's alarms and weapons, bringing the rest of the League up to the satellite unobserved. The League make short work of Kobra's troops, though the man himself escapes in the melee. Later, recovering in a hospital, Green Arrow says League membership isn't right for him at the moment, but the Atom (who is currently the chairman) says there will always be a spot for him on the League.


  • This book was first published on July 11, 2001.
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