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JLA Vol 1 2

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"The Day the Earth Stood Still": The Hyperclan continue to construct watchtower sanctuaries across the globe. News crews flock to the scenes, astounded by the grandeur of each citadel.

Quote1 Squabble amongst yourselves while we take your world from out under your noses and slaughter you one by one. Quote2
-- Tronix

Appearing in "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dave Trimble (Single appearance)
  • Lisa Haymore (Single appearance)
  • Taylor Mills (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

The Hyperclan continue to construct watchtower sanctuaries across the globe. News crews flock to the scenes, astounded by the grandeur of each citadel.

The JLA determine that the Hyperclan are using some sort of mind control transmitters to broadcast anti-JLA hysteria among the masses. Green Lantern tries to locate their transmitters with his ring, but cannot find anything. The Martian Manhunter presumes that their watchtower bases are the key to stopping them, and splits the team into pairs to take down each watchtower.

Wonder Woman flies off to find Aquaman and they end up facing the Hyperclan shapeshifter, Fluxus. His teammate Tronix shows up to lend him a hand. Tronix projects twin energy rays from her eyes and takes Wonder Woman down.

Green Lantern meanwhile, reluctantly teams up with the Flash. Flash isn't thrilled about working with this "rookie" Green Lantern. They go to the desert and face off against Armek, Zenturion and ZüM.

Above the Earth, Martian Manhunter meets with Hyperclan leader, Protex. Protex tries to convince the Manhunter that the people of Earth fear him and that he should join the Hyperclan.

Elsewhere, Superman and Batman encounter A-Mortal and Primaid. Primaid keeps Superman distracted while A-Mortal tears through the Batplane. The ruins of the plane crash into the ground and Batman is nowhere to be found. Superman manages to defeat Primaid, but Protex shows up with a handful of Kryptonite. Weakened by the radiation, Superman collapses. The Hyperclan bring the defeated Leaguers to Z'onn Z'orr.



  • All four issues of this story-arc are named after famous Sci-Fi movies from the 50's. This issue is entitled "The Day the Earth Stood Still" after the 1951 Robert Wise film .

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