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JLA Vol 1 24


JLA Vol 1 24

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""Executive Action"": Warmaker One destroys a submarine and retrieves a container holding the Shaggy Man. A JLA alarm goes off almost immediately.

Quote1 Aquaman, hey! Great kingdom you got here. Uh... What's a Shaggy Man and am I old enough to know? Quote2
-- Green Lantern

Appearing in "Executive Action"

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Synopsis for "Executive Action"

Warmaker One destroys a submarine and retrieves a container holding the Shaggy Man. A JLA alarm goes off almost immediately.

Elsewhere, Gen. Wade Eiling has called a press conference in which he introduces the Ultramarine Corps, a group of paranormal soldiers.

Green Lantern and Aquaman respond to the Shaggy Man theft. Warmaker One defeats them and takes Shaggy Man back to base.

One New Genesis the New Gods receive a warning that Mageddon is on its way to Earth.

The Ultramarine Corps lure the JLA to a secluded spot by making them think there is an alien invasion. They check it out and are attacked by the Ultramarine Corps


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