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"Crisis Times Five Part Three Worlds Beyond": On the Justice League of America lunar base, Triumph knocks Steel through a wall. Steel sheds his costume and escapes through an air duct to

Quote1 We'll find Steel later. Without the armor, he's nothing. We're on the moon. Where can he go? Quote2
-- Triumph

Appearing in "Crisis Times Five Part Three Worlds Beyond"

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Synopsis for "Crisis Times Five Part Three Worlds Beyond"

On the Justice League of America lunar base, Triumph knocks Steel through a wall. Steel sheds his costume and escapes through an air duct to make his way to his workshop.

On the planet which is improsining The Spectre, Sentinel and Zauriel decide they cannot kill the creatures on the planet to free The Spectre, but they are able to accelerate time. Thus, in a few minutes the planet's civlization will go through generations until finally getting extinct.

In Keystone City, Yz, the Thunderbolt and Lkz fight one another.

In the fifth dimension, Captain Marvel and Green Lantern team up against Qwsp who actually is behind the attack on Earth. Qwsp traps them in the fifth dimension and travels to the third, our world. Qwsp tells the JLA if they wish to stop this war between the two genies that will destroy their world, one of them must sacrifice themselves. He asks them to choose.

Triumph is getting set to lead Gypsy and The Ray out the lunar base to "save the world." Unknown to him, Batman and Aquaman are waiting on the other side of the door.


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